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Kadi Service International Group is as follows:
1 - Austria stay in work and life: a) The Company recorded a one-year renewable visa and b) buying a property with more than 250/000 Euros.

2 - Immigration to America: Investment: a) investment of $ 500 thousand b) more than a million dollar investment
3 - Immigration to Canada: a) an investment 1- the federal minimum investment of one billion six hundred million USD in Iranian assets 2- Quebec with a minimum investment of one billion six hundred million and paid $ 180/000 non-returnable (In both cases) B) New BRUNSWICK entrepreneurship and Having … (3 years managerial experience and a minimum capital of $ 300/000 in Iran)
4 - Immigration and obtaining and Nevis Islands Saint Gates: a) buy investment property with at least $ 400/000 + for other government spending at least $ 90/000 b) investment in the sugar cane industry with a minimum payment of $ 250/000 (non- back)
5 - stay in work and life in Malaysia: a) registration and 2-year renewable work visa.
B) Second Home RYM having capital of at least 150 to 300 thousand in cash and 10-year renewable visa.
6 - Hong Kong residents working with business registration and one year working visa (after 7 years of successful business and renew visas, it is possible to obtain a passport)
7 - Do not stay in Mauritius with registration and a 2 year working visa (if conducted a successful business and good turnover after two years can apply for a passport in this country)
8 - stay in work a life in Ukraine: the record company and one-year renewable visa.
9 - To stay and live in North Cyprus (Turkish): The property at $ 80/000 visa or registration and one year extendable
10 - live in southern Cyprus (Greek): with the purchase of property at 300/000 EUR
11 - Immigration and getting Dominica passport: with paying at least $ 80/000 un-back donations to the sugar cane industry Dominica in sugar industry

Other Services:
1 - Teach English in Iran, England, United Arabic Emirates, Cyprus and Malaysia (Public and private)
2 - Sending children, boys and girls age 5 to 18 years for elementary and high school courses, international boarding in Britain, the United Arabic Emirates, Switzerland, Malaysia and Cyprus
3 - Sent the applicants language summer terms (educational and recreational) to Britain, UAE, Switzerland and Malaysia.
4 - Free advice on education, immigration, residence and work in America - England - Ukraine - Australia - Austria - United Arabic Emirates - Dominica - Switzerland - North and South Cyprus - Philippines - Canada - Mauritius - Malaysia - New Zealand and Hong Kong
5 - Applicants registration tests TOEFL, IELTS, GRE and GMAT in the United Arabic Emirates - Armenia - Turkey and Malaysia
6 - sending applicants to participate in courses A-LEVEL Reddy diploma and GED graduating high school degree for entry into international universities
7 - domestic and international conferences and conferences in Iran - UAE - Malaysia. . .
8 - When selling property, Time sharing, reservation hotels and apartments worldwide.


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