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Kadi International, Canadian Mid-East Academic, Malaysia Mid-East and Canada 2000 are one of the best Multi – Nationals companies which have registered office in Iran, UAE, UK, Canada Malaysia and New Zealand, each of then, has almost four office in each countries. They have 14 years background in Education field. These are the only ones companies in Iran, UAE and Canada which are the official presents of many Universities and Colleges of America, UK, UAE, Australia, Canada, Swaziland and Malaysia. Many Student apply via these Companies and now they are studying there or have been gradated and we have many families which have been sucssued in getting visa cause they are many companies have which are not succed in getting visa.

These companies as the official presents of famous colleges, schools and universities do all the necessary affairs.

The only important things is these companies suggested the first branches of International's universities in open-are zooms in Iran and now we have intensive English courses in Iran, UAE, Malaysia and UK.

Also these companies have the first fair and educational cultural seminars in these countries and the other things from thses companies is registering students between 5 to 18 to boarding schools in UK, UAE, Switzerland and Malaysia, also we have more in formation's in our site.

www.kadi.ir www.kadi-international.com

Canadian Mid-East Academy:

Canadian mid East Academic M.A was established, by Canadian instructors in Iran and it is registered in Canada.

The major goal of this academic is presenting of having braches in Mid-East area, and present the Canadian basic educations and the goal is under the process.

The Canadian mid-east Academic C.M.A) is a educational company which is registered in Halifax – Dortmund,           Nova Skushia of Canada and it is been active now C.M.A have an office in Halifax Dortmoc is one of big port city and it is called as a economic city in Canada in Atlantic zoon CMA try to apply for the students for university in different majors in different majors of Universities. CMA also can apply Malaysian MID-EAST academy major activities: Cultural studying ,   and universities research, establish and managing of consulting centers in Malaysia, short terms of educational periods, making nationals branchers in Tehran. And making some conferences, since fairs and educational fairs as well.

This academy held this educational fair in purpose of having more friendly interactions in Iran from 23rd or dibehesht  to 30th 1384 and hope have plans in futures.

For engineering science, manage ring and art in Canada.

CMA can apply for student which are appropriate for studying in Mid-East.

CMA will apply throughout a special program.

The first branch of C.M.A is in Dubai and Aleyn in UAE and the second one is in Tehran and kish in Iran, it is been actived form 1378 and now it is ready to help student in middle-east, Malaysian Mid-East Academy.

Malaysia Mid-East is registered in Kish in 1381. Establishers of this academy suggested universities establishing plan to the governments in 1382.

Canada 2000, cc

This internationals academy was registered in Nova skooshia in Canada and having some branches in UAE, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia.

All this academy activities are related to Appling for Canadian and Latin American and American Universities.

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